15.-17.08. 20h / Podewil, Dock11 / 180min / 18 € erm. 13 €  
Photo: Superamas
'Superamas' are not supernovas; rather they copy, in their mirror universe of reality, those parts that are useful to them and reassemble them into a system of artworks revolving around itself. Helmut Ploebst

The program consists of seven works, beginning at the Podewil and ending at Dock 11. Podewil: TruckStation / Auto Mobile / Diggin' Up / BILLY, BILLY / Thank God, Pam you know … / Play-Mobile. Dock 11: BIG, 1st episode.

Bus service will be available from Podewil to Dock 11.
Installations and Performances are co-produced by Artificial Horizon, Beursschouwburg (Brussels), Dans@tack (Kortrijk), Dans in Kortrijk, Festival Anno2 (Kortrijk), dietheater (Vienna), Pilottanzt (Vienna), Sommer Szene (Salzburg), Tanzquartier Wien. With the support of AFAA, Bureau du Théâtre et de la Danse, Französische Botschaft Berlin, Kulturamt Stadt Wien, Ministère de la culture et de la communication (DICREAM) Paris, Österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin. Presented by TanzWerkstatt Berlin in cooperation with Dock 11.