Régine Chopinot La Rochelle
Ballet Atlantique
W.H.A. (Warning Hazardous Area) Deutschlandpremiere
25.+26.08. 19.30h
Dauer: 50 min
€ 20,- + € 12,- erm € 8,-

Konzept / Regie: Régine Chopinot
mit: John Bateman, Régine Chopinot, Virginie Garcia
Bühnenbild: Jean Michel Bruyère
Licht: Maryse Gautier
Mix: U-ZUL
Kostümelemente: Jean-Paul Gaultier

This piece was premiered following a two week residency at Théâtre de Cornouaille, Scène nationale de Quimper.

Koproduktion: Théâtre de la Ville – Paris / Ballet Atlantique - Régine Chopinot
Photo: Jean Michele Bryére 
Régine Chopinot, is one of the preeminent figures in French dance. In her piece W.H.A., she works with two dancers and DJ U-ZUL in an improvisation on stage – a working fraught with risk.

"What do you do if a wall stands in your way?", Chopinot asks. "Lie down in front of it or kick it? I kick it!" Chopinot does not go for compromises – especially in her new work W.H.A., which is something akin to a choreographic temper tantrum.