Sarah Michelson New York
Shadowmann (Parts 1 & 2)
Shadowmann 1:
26. + 27.08. 20h
€ 15,- erm. € 10,-

Shadowmann 2:
29. + 30.08.
jeweils 19h + 21h
€ 12,- erm. € 8,-

Dauer: je 60 min
Parts 1 + 2 zusammen
€ 20,- erm. € 15,-

Choreografie: Sarah Michelson
Künstlerische Beratung: Claude Wampler
Mit: Jennifer Howard, Mike Iveson, Parker Lutz, Paige Martin, Sarah Michelson, Sofia Schwerk, Adrienne Swan, Tanya Uhlmann, Greg Zuccolo.
Lichtdesign: Frank Den Danto III
Musik: Mike Iveson
Video: Mike Taylor

Koproduktion: The Kitchen, New York, Performance Space 122, New York. Gefördert durch: DNA Project, ein Programm von Arts International, New York. In Zusammenarbeit mit den Sophiensælen.
Photo: Paula Court 
Absent a narrative, "Shadowmann" touches upon many activities that human beings engage in: consuming, branding, categorizing, displaying, sleeping, establishing hierarchies, connecting, decorating and separating. "Shadowmann´s" aesthetic stems from a closely observed world of thirty-somethings living in confined quarters in urban enclaves where creativity and dreams battle the banality of ordinary life. It is as if Fassbinder could dance. (RoseLee Goldberg)

"Shadowman"n consists of two contrasting parts.