Andréya Ouamba / Cie 1er temps Dakar
Pression Europapremiere
24.-26.08. 20h
Dauer: 50 min
€ 12,- erm. € 8,-

Choreografie: Andréya Ouamba.
Mit: Fatou Cissé, Abdoulaye Kane, Andréya Ouamba, Bertrand Saky.
Musik: Capi.
Licht: Kévin Bouyika.

Koproduktion: Tëbb! Production, Cie1er Temps, Association Kaay Fecc, Cabinet Géni et Sankalé, CCF de Dakar, Französische Botschaft, Dakar.
Photo: Antoine Temp 
Edgy, fragmented, abstract movements... Four bodies seek their echoes in space, testing their joints, looking for support like strange insects. Four introverted individuals wait - their bodies encounter one other - a duet develops, a kind of harmony, before they separate again in order to continue their vague quest.

Andréya Ouamba founded his Cie 1
er temps in 2000, and has since worked in Africa, Europe and Canada.