BIG, 2nd episode (show/business)
Photo: Superamas 
"Superamas lay into our corporate and consumerist world with esprit and a great sense of fun. The lively group fishes the materials for its art from the huge pool provided by the media and life in society in general. They recreate video clips in the medium of dance, simulate soap operas, and hire go-go dancers. A (real) flight attendant, Elisa Benureau, plays Catwoman and, in her role as gently-sadistic dominatrix, gives lessons in relaxation techniques. Peter T'Jonck – the Belgian 'Reich-Ranicki of dance criticism', as he has been called – had these equally enthusiastic and succinct words of praise: 'A masterpiece'."
(Helmut Ploebst)
21.08. 20h
22.08. 21h
23.08. 20h
50 min
€ 15,- erm. € 8,-

Koproduktion: Dans in Kortrijk, Tanz im August 2004 – internationales Tanzfest Berlin, Szene Salzburg, Nettverk for Scenekunst Bergen / Oslo / Trondheim.
Kooperation: STUK kunstencentrum, Leuven, Choreografisches Zentrum, Linz.
Unterstützt durch: Stadt Wien, Österreichisches Kulturforum, Berlin, AFAA, Bureau du thé
âtre et de la danse und die Französische Botschaft, Berlin.