Professional training remains a central issue in the development of contemporary choreography and performance. With this year's workshop program and choice of artistic staff, we hope to create an open forum for constructive exchange within a stimulating festival context. Most of the artists teaching will also be performing their choreographic work, making it possible for participants to gain a clearer understanding of the link between the creative process in the studio and the final "product" on stage.

Andréya Ouamba of Dakar, an artist still relatively unknown in Europe, explores an explicitly musical rhythm as opposed to a body rhythm – to the sound of live drumming. Elizabeth Corbett, a teacher at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels and former soloist with William Forsythe's Frankfurt Ballet, will connect pure technique to repertoire, thus inevitably touching upon the question of interpretation and reproduction – to the sound of live piano. Régine Chopinot, whose newest piece "W.H.A." will be shown at TANZ IM AUGUST, offers a seven-day journey of exploration to six grant recipients, who will discover memory, discontinuity and an absolute refusal of narrative along with the twelve members of Chopinot's company – to the sound of live mixing. Tere O'Connor, a sublime composer of movement, will explore the choreographic voice of the individual participants while Paul Gazzola systematically proceeds from thought to movement. During this year's TANZ IM AUGUST, participants will have the opportunity to see a large number of choreographic works from the international dance and performance scene.

We look forward to having you as our guests.

Ulrike Becker - Matthias Lilienthal - Bettina Masuch - André Thériault