Paul Gazzola Berlin, Performer
Christian Teckert
Wien, Architekt
16 AUG 16h
public intervention #1:
Site Walk
meeting point: 15.30h
Podewils'sches Palais / Foyer

in english

17 AUG 18h
Podewils’sches Palais
public intervention #2:
Site Talk
in english

18 + 19 AUG 17-21h
20 Aug 15–19h
Podewils’sches Palais
public intervention #3:
Open Studio
free admission
Photo: Christian Teckert 

TRANSPARENCY - the staging of the everyday as an instrument of control. A parallel setting of negotiations: Architectural spaces with inherent theatrical directives versus the limits and constraints of their permeable surfaces. The controlling act of mediated environments and actions against its hierarchies.

Over five days choreographer Paul Gazzola and architect Christian Teckert will open up their investigations on the communicability and negotiation of public spaces through a series of public interventions at Podewils’sches Palais and a walk to a number of selected sites.