Germaine Acogny / L’Ecole des Sables (Dakar/Toulouse) Enracinement et Ouverture

17 Aug: 11-12:30h
18-20 Aug: 12-17h
21 Aug: 11-16h
115 EUR
In 2004 Germaine Acogny established “L’Ecole des Sables” in Senegal, an international center for traditional and contemporary African dance that has become a forum of exchange and meeting place for dancers from Africa and across the world. Germaine Acogny dances, choreographs and teaches internationally and sees herself as an ambassador of African dance and culture. She was the artistic director of Mudra Afrique in Dakar, founded by Maurice Béjart.

Trained in traditional African, classical and modern dance, Germaine Acogny has developed her own unique technique which focuses on work with the spine. Most movement sequences follow three basic ideas – trembling, wave, and contraction.

The movements in Acogny’s technique are named after symbolic images taken from nature. Using the power of their imagination, the participants will feel nature in every part of their body, rooted in the ground and open to the energy from the sky.

Workshop with Live-Percussion by Oumar Fandy Diop of Dakar.

Photo: Helmut Vogt