Foto / Vilda Kvist
Podewil /// Klosterstr. 68 / 10179 Berlin-Mitte
daily 11 a.m. – open end


Am 14. August 21h öffnet die mit einem Parcours ihre Türen. Wir möchten das Publikum einladen, sich durch das Haus zu bewegen und in den unterschiedlichen Räumen kleine Performances, Installationen und Konzerte von Künstlern wie ALICE CHAUCHAT GEOFFREY GARRISON, PAUL GAZZOLA, RUDI FINK, HERMANN HEISIG, NA JONES, FELIX MARCHAND, EVA MEYER-KELLER, ANDREA KEIZ, CHRIS KONDEK, PETER LENAERTS, LESLIE MANNÈS, BRUNO POCHERON, MARC REES, MANON SANTKIN, ANGELA SCHUBOT zu entdecken und später mit dem Festivalteam und den Künstlern der 20. Ausgabe Tanz im August und der 3rd limited de luxe edition der in das diesjährige Festival zu tanzen.
14 AUG // ab 21h
Performance by Angela Schubot // two fish

Ein Solo, das sowohl versunkene als auch impulsive und wilde Qualitäten in sich vereint.

In REPLUGGED versucht Angela Schubot die Frage von Dynamik im zeitgenössischen Tanz zu beantworten.

Foto: Jared Gradinger
14 AUG // ab 21h
Performance-Spiel by Eva Meyer-Keller

Willkommen! Bei diesem Spiel übernehmen die Teilnehmer 3 Funktionen: spielen, auswerten, betrachten. Ein Spiel dauert 7 Minuten und wird von 8 Teilnehmern gespielt.

„Irgendwie ist es jedes Mal ein kleines Wunder. Da packen zwei Spieler ihr buntes Sammelsurium auf den Tisch. Nichts, was wirklich zueinander passt. Nichts, was wirklich Sinn machen würde. Doch da sind die beiden Spieler, die In Null-Komma-Nichts daraus unglaubliches zaubern. Auch wenn bei den Spielern und den Zuschauern kein Zweifel daran besteht, dass das Ganze sich auch noch richtig gut anfühlt, mag man sich zuweilen doch die Frage stellen: Klappt das nur auf der Bühne oder auch im wirklichen Leben?“ Eva Meyer-Keller

Initiiert von Eva Meyer-Keller und Tanzquartier Wien // In Zusammenarbeit mit Kay Grothusen // Musik: Rico Repotente

Foto: Rhonda Repotente
14 AUG // ab 21h
Concert by Alice Chauchat and Geoffrey Garrison

The Musts are back in the, ready to rock you with long narratives, half-baked sentimentality, acoustic guitar and refreshing accents. We wanna hold your hand.
14 AUG // ab 21h

Marc Rees liest aus seinem kürzlich wiederentdeckten Tagebuch von 1982.

A charming often hilarious account of a teenager’s obsession with the mundane, the ridiculous and the important top three most popular songs of that week!
14 AUG // ab 21h
2 screen video work by Paul Gazzola

Eine poetische Studie über eine der normalsten körperlichen Aktivitäten des Menschen.

“In reinterpreting the simple human activity of walking as a filmed event, the STREET WALK SERIES picks up on this juncture between the real and the potential for staged fictions, as reframed through the cameras lens. Filmed at walking speed from a moving vehicle, a distinct approach to the way the city's topography is conventionally witnessed is generated.” Paul Gazzola

This project was developed during an ASIALINK RESIDENCY at FUN – FUTURE UNIVERSITY, HAKODATE, JAPAN IN 2006/07. Funded by ArtsWA and the Australia Council, the Federal Government's arts funding and advisory body.

Foto: Paul Gazzola
14 AUG // ab 21h
I FORGOT 61:03
by Rudi Fink and Felix Marchand

I FORGOT 61:03 ist eine lange Einstellung. Die Kamera und ihre technischen Gegebenheiten bestimmen die Länge des Videos, sowie die ästhetische Qualität des produzierten Bildes.

I FORGOT 61:03 is a dance containing a three minutes long choreography, which is constantly repeated in turns by the two performers. The capacity of the recording Mini-DV-cassette is the limit for the length of the video (no editing) and therefore of the performance.

I FORGOT 61:03 is a collaboration between Rudi Fink & Felix Marchand, which provided the possibility to shift perspectives of decision taking as well as to question the artists own position in such a process.
17 AUG // 22h
Performance by Frédéric Gies

This performance takes the shape of a dance concert. Applying to dance certain modes of creation, production, distribution and performance of songs this work deals with the emotional communication between the performer and the spectator.

Album (Praticable) – Preview ist eine Vorschau auf ein Projekt, das für 2009 geplant ist. Frédéric Gies arbeitete u.a. mit Daniel Larrieu, Olivia Grandville, Christophe Haleb. 1998 beginnt er die Zusammenarbeit mit Frédéric De Carlo und entwickelt mit ihm verschiedene Stücke: "À tu et à toi", "Le principal défaut", "En corps", "(don't) Show it!"
2OO4 nimmt er zum ersten Mal teil an der Arbeit von Good Work/cie Isabelle Schad ("California Roll", "Still Lives"). Zwischen 2004 und 2006 entstanden die Solos: "Sleeping beauties/Ultra sexy amazons" und "The bitch is back under pressure (reloaded)" und "dance (Practicable)", das zur Tanzplattform 2007 eingeladen war.
21 AUG // 18h
Lecture von Vera Knolle

Ausgehend von einer jugendlichen Obsession, soll in einer Mischung aus Vortrag, Demonstration und Gespräch dem emanzipativen Potential eines der größten Pop-Stars der 80er Jahre nachgegangen werden. Prince konnte mit dem, was er mit seinem Körper, seiner Stimme, seiner Musik, seinen Texten machte, für einen weiblichen Teenager das Versprechen einer selbstbestimmten Sexualität, randvoll mit Leidenschaft und Hingabe bedeuten.

Vera Knolle war Schülerin bei Susanna Åkerlund/Su-En Butoh Company und studierte Philosophie und Kulturwissenschaft in Berlin. Sie hat mit Christine de Smed / Les Ballet C. de la B., Thomas Lehmen und Eszter Salamon gearbeitet. Zusammen mit Alice Chauchat produzierte sie das Tanzstück “A Number of Classics in the Age of Performance” (2003). Als Solo-Arbeiten waren bisher zu sehen: „TANZEN IS OK“ (2003), Tanzfabrik, Berlin; „I didn’t mean to hurt you“ (2003), Bearbeitung von Xavier Le Roys „Product of Circumstances“, HAU 2, Berlin

Foto: Vera Knolle
21 AUG // 22h
Up Town Disco Heterotopia:
Music by SNAX

American-born Snax has lived and worked in DC, San Francisco, New York City and, since 2002, in Berlin. Formally one half of Captain Comatose, Snax has since released 2 solo albums and several 12 inches and EP's on labels as varied as Playhouse, Mental Groove, TNT-Four Music and currently Defdrive UK. His music and performances deliver a mixture of provocation, sleaze and fun. Snax's DJ style ranges from 60's and 70's soul, to 80's r and b to 90's house classics to today and the future. A recent set in Snax’s hometown prompted Mike Vamp from Martini Bros. to declare, “Snax is the funkiest DJ in Berlin!”
22 AUG // 22h
Performance by Juan Domínguez // with Tamara Bacci

“I had Backtracked the whole way without barely Straying but still I had the feeling I was Lost. I thought of Rushing in of Invading the space of Penetrating it of Overstepping its bounds but I Withdrew I Fell behind my position I Retreated without wanting to. I didn’t stop from Displacing myself I was Escaping Piercing everything was Emptying. I Climbed until I realized I hadn’t stopped Laughing I was Melting I had no other choice but to Evacuate. I Arrived Go on Go on.” Juan Domínguez

“Since July 2007 I have been working in a project called “ (from writing to choreography)” in which I developed a research scheme to identify different theoretical constructs in verbs of movement as a multi-layered method to read and develop body language, and the other way round.
As language, whether verbal or non-verbal, can be seen as a cultural construct, the research project travelled from Madrid to Beijing, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Vienna, and finally arrived in Paris. In every city, I zoom in on the specificities of the local language, working in collaboration with a linguist and a group of local artists. They were invited to attend an intensive workshop in which a selection of linguistic concepts were tested on the floor exploring the different approaches about the subject linguists provided me and the similarities and differences between the languages tackled.

Also In 2007 the dancer Tamara Bacci asked 3 choreographers to make for her, three 20 minutes solos, one each, which she would perform in the same evening program. When she asked me to do one of them and as I was with no time except for the research I was doing, I proposed her to do an experiment, the first materialization of the research “” in which I tried to put in to practice the potential of language to manipulate the way movement is perceived and the performativity possibilities this generates.
During 4 weeks we also worked on how to put together different parameters of the commission; the different understanding of rolls (dancer/choreographer), the understanding of the idea itself, the efficiency of such a period of work together with the fact of working in between three languages (Spanish, French and English) and also the dealing, both, with the two different ways of working methodology we had.
In the end we got “Don’t even think about it”, a kind of trip where things don’t look exactly like they should.” Juan Domíngues

Juan Domínguez, Valladolid 1964.
Juan is performer and choreographer and studied ballet, contemporary dance and video in Spain and USA. He received several grants to study at Movement Research in New York, city where he also studies different techniques and yoga. Since 1987 he works as a performer and artistic assistant with different choreographers and companies in Europe. Since 1992 he develops his own work. Latest tiles: SHICHIMI TOGARASHI 2006, ALL GOOD ARTISTES MY AGE ARE DEAD 2007, Research project FROM … TO … 2007, DON’T EVEN THINK AOBUT IT 2008. He was artist in residence in Podewil (Berlin) 2004 and 2005. Since 2003 he is artistic director of the Festival In-Presentable/La Casa Encendida, Madrid.

Tamara Bacci
Tamara Bacci studied ballet and contemporary dance at Ecole de Danse de Genève and danced in its Ballet Junior directed by Beatriz Consuelo. She then worked for the following companies: Deusche Oper Ballet Berlin, Béjart Ballet Lausanne and Cie Linga. In 1998, she interrupted her career to learn yoga and gratuated as a teacher. During the next 4 years she learned and worked Ayurveda yoga with Dr Bertrand Martin. Since 2003 she reworks as a “freelance” dancer. Since the showing of a renewed Fractie, she has developped a real human and artistic connivance with Flemish choreographer Cindy Van Acker who invited her for her first group piece Pneuma 02:05 (2005) and lately for the trio Kernel (2007) that she dances with the choreographer and French dancer Perrine Valli. Thomas Lebrun and Foofwa d’Imobilité often ask her and Gilles Jobin invited her for a new version of his masterpiece The Moebius Strip in 2007. In 2006 she created with choreographer Ken Ossola a piece called 171/174 for the Korzo Festival in Den Haag (Netherlands) and participed to a Festival dedicated to Jiri Kylian in Canada.

She is also currently teacher and assistant at Ballet Junior de Genève where she shares her experience and pleasure of being on stage.

Besides her work as an interpreter, often highlighted wherever she dances, Tamara assists regularly several choreographers such as Jozsef Trefeli, Ken Ossola and Foofwa d’Imobilité.

In june 2008, she has been asked by Cindy Van Acker to assist her for the creation «Infermo» from Romeo Castellucci.

Foto: Gregory Batardon
22 + 23 AUG // 23h
Concert by François Chaignaud

Ein Konzert versteckt unter Bäumen, geheimnisvoll, eindringlich, verführerisch.

“Initiation sylvestre / concert sous les bois”, François Chaignaud

Foto: Erik Reikki
23 AUG // 22h
Hosted by ballet-tanz

And the winner is...? Um 22 Uhr verkündet Europas führende Tanzzeitschrift ballet-tanz den Choreografen und die Kompanie des Jahres und feiert mit anderen Kunstzeitschriften Europas, ihr gemeinsames Projekt, das TEAM-Jahrbuch, mit Schampus und Schokolade!

Feel invited to celebrate the choreographer and the company of the year with us!
23 – 26 AUG // 11h
im Garten mit Kaffee und Croissants
Everybodys presents: The impersonation game

Artists participating in Tanz Im August or others are invited to interview 3 people of their choice about their work. The rule of the game is that the 3 impersonators answer the question of the artist as if they were the artist themselves and as if they were the ones who had just presented the work. Alice Chauchat and Mette Ingvartsen will be hosting these conversations between the 23rd and the 26th of august at 11h in the courtyard of Podewil.

Das Spiel ist Teil von everybodys, eine offene Plattform, um Ideen und Strategien auszutauschen und das Verständnis von Performances zu erweitern.

Anmeldung: 247 49 792 //
25 AUG // 18h
With Leah Morrison, Mindy Myers, Judith Sanchez-Ruiz, Laurel Tentindo, Tony Orrico, Todd McQuade, Todd Stone
26 + 27 AUG // 18h
Film by Alain Buffard // with Anna Halprin and Alain Buffard

A series of lunches with Anna Halprin and Alain Buffard. Throughout its 52 minutes, the film mixes history with instructions from Buffard how to deepen kinaesthetic awareness.

When French choreographer Alain Buffard set out to create a film about the legendary American choreographer Anna Halprin, the pair staged a series of lunches on sites that were used for her performances, including Washington Square in San Francisco, the Berkeley Art Museum and Stinson Beach. The result is a move away from the documentary form, nor merely a film about dance, but instead a dialogue between two artists of different generations and geographies. More than a performance or a film, the project became an extended interview with astonishing moments of exchange.

Production / producers: pi:es, Alain Buffard.
26 + 27 AUG // ab 19h
29 + 30 AUG // ab 21h

Challenge your colleague, your boss, your lover or your worst enemy. Let’s get fat and dance. Safe summer sex in a sumo suit.

WRESTLE! Is a physical installation that invites the audience to challenge someone special to fight with, dance with or just hug tenderly.

WISP has many names, but most of all - Women in Swedish Performing arts - a network and an artistic collective, initiated by four performance makers from Stockholm. WISP is working to challenge whatever needs to be challenged.

Foto: Vilda Kvist
27 AUG // 22h
Concert by Beo da Silva, Gustavo Ciríaco and João Guimarães

A funny, melancholic and delicate concert where Brazilian rhythms are rendered anew in the peculiar voice of Beo da Silva.

Ein lustiges, zeitweise melancholisches Konzert, das mit brasilianischen Rhythmen spielt und sie neu arrangiert.
29 AUG // 19h-2h
A long duration performance by Melati Suryodarmo

“I Love You”, is a five hour long performance, it can be described as an extremely fragile reflection on love and its cultural identification.

Eine poetische, sehr zerbrechliche Reflektion über die Liebe und ihre kulturelle Verankerung.

Die Performance Künstlerin Melati Surydarmo studierte in Braunschweig bei Marina Abramovic.

Foto: Friedericke Lutz
29 AUG // 23h
Concert by Ivo Dimchev

“Concerto is an improvisation with a musician, my musical/vocal response to a concert situation.” Ivo Dimchev

Foto: Ivo Dimchev
täglich ab 14 AUG
Sound Installation by Peter Lenaerts

What's that song you really can't stand? And that other song that always makes you cry? Pass by the and maybe the elevator is slow in arriving, or there's a queue at the box office and while you're standing around, waiting, something might just sound familiar.

Inspiriert durch Elevator Musik und entstanden aus den Antworten von Tanz im August Künstlern der letzten 20 Jahre, kreiert Peripheral einen akustischen Teppich, der sich nicht aufdrängt, sondern sich subtil in das musikalische Gedächtnis gräbt.

Peter Lenaerts is a sound artist/designer, musician and dilettante photographer who has worked with Mette Ingvartsen, Eszter Salamon, Marten Spangberg, The Musts (Alice Chauchat & Geoffrey Garrison), a.o. Through these collaborations he has been coming to Tanz Im August or the since 2004.

Foto: Peter Lenaerts
täglich ab 14 AUG
edited by Alice Chauchat

Audience members of The Love Piece tell their experience of the performance. The film presents a series of individual narratives that retrace the formal set-up as well as personal emotions and thoughts about love and performance that arose during the show laying out the stakes of the work.

The love piece is a performance by Alice Chauchat, Anna Achimovicz, Nino Bokan, Pravdan Devlahovic, Oliver Frljic, Zvonimir Kvesic, Ivana Pavlovic, Ivana Roncevic, Nina Sakic and Una Vizek 2007)
11 – 23 AUG
a research on instant performances by Manon Santkin and Leslie Mannès

Während ihrer Residency werden die beiden Künstler an einem Performance Kit arbeiten.

Ab dem 14. August ist ihr Atelier für Sie geöffnet.

Come by and see if the instant performance suits you.


With the Performance Kits, all you know is that you’re on stage, about to perform a show that you didn’t learn yet. If you’re willing to play the game, you’ll get all the informations you need to materialize the show!
A score on MP3 is going to deliver its plan to you and you’ll deal with it instantly.
By direct or indirect means, the score acts as a stimuli to generate actions &/or reactions in you.
Manon Santkin and Leslie Mannès provide a series of short pieces without performers and audience. An experiment dealing with questions of spontaneïty, responsability, passive performativity, improvisatory skills, show time and probably more to be discovered along the way. Like an empty glove, the Performance Kits are worth visiting both from inside and outside.
Try a kit, run the show, observe what you produce while you’re producing it. Everything is part of the performance!
Follow the plan, step on it and lend your performative abilities to it.

In the line of the previous By-products, the Performance Kits relate to the stage but take place outside of it, in hybride formats. The piece lacks its original performance and only exists in multiple versions.

14 AUG ab 21 h
Tanzen Sie mit uns in den 20. Geburtstag von Tanz im August
Music by Sampson

21 AUG ab 22h

30 AUG ab 22 h
Music by The Pheromon Phenomenon + DJ Slickgizzle

Konzept/Programm: Kerstin Schroth // Assistenz: Florence Batonnier // Lichtkonzept: Bruno Pocheron // Catering: Weinwirtschaft