Mette Ingvartsen Brüssel
Manual Focus
19. -21.08. 21.30h
Dauer: 35 min
€ 10,- erm. € 6,-

Konzept: Mette Ingvartsen.
Mit: Kajsa Sandstrom, Manon Santkin, Mette Ingvartsen.

Koproduktion: P.A.R.T.S., Brüssel.
Dank an: Bojana Cvejic.
Photo: Peter Lenaerts 
"Manual Focus" is turning faces 180 degrees, arms and legs upside down and swapping the front with the back side of the body, thus crossing out identities and producing a twelve-legged monster. It isn't the monster in itself but rather the monstrous connections between nude/masked, artificial/real, male/female that produce an unfamiliar gaze at the bodies we already know. Monsters are not a species that you can get familiar with.