Anderson/Hedman/Pocheron/Schad Berlin
California Roll Uraufführung
Photo: Bruno Pocheron 
California Roll is not an original recipe, it is a medley cuisine. It deals with the relationships between copy and original. Simulating the blurs that exist between actual and historical bodies the performance is both the design and the maintenance of their images. Not unlike a flight simulator, California Roll proposes to safely experience birdviews, loopings and fast dives on a colorful landscape of discarded commodities.
24.-26.08. 21.30h
Dauer: 50 min
€ 12,- erm. € 8,-

Konzept / Bühne: Ben Anderson, Hanna Hedman, Bruno Pocheron und Isabelle Schad.
mit: Hanna Hedman, Bruno Pocheron, Isabelle Schad.
Ton: Rut Waldeyer.

Koproduktion: Tanz im August 2004 – Internationales Tanzfest Berlin, Monty Antwerpen, Fonds Darstellende Künste.
Gefördert durch: Kulturamt Chemnitz, Mime Centrum Berlin.