Jeppe Hein Berlin
site-specific installation
Parkanlage am Fernsehturm / Spandauer Straße
11 – 30 AUG
Photo: Jeppe Hein, Courtesy: Johann König 

With his sculpture APPEARING ROOMS, visual artist Jeppe Hein creates a space for movement that relies on the spectators to serve as active agents. The work consists of four areas divided by three-meter walls of water that rise and fall randomly, thus defining all possible configurations of the space. When the jets of water fall, spectators are enabled to enter the various spaces and remain “trapped” there until a wall of water lowers again. This interplay of motion and space generates a self-organizing choreography.

The installation is part of NO CURTAIN – NO APPLAUSE, a series of events presented by Tanz im August – Internationales Tanzfest Berlin in cooperation with Siemens Arts Program in collaboration with Johann König, Berlin.