Mark Tompkins /// Paris

22 – 30 AUG

Individual and group feedback sessions + rehearsal time

200 € per group of two people
or more / 100 € for solo participants

Foto: Morten Abrahamsen

This project is for choreographers working on a piece (solo for oneself, solo for an other, duo), which they would like to discuss with Mark Tompkins. Tompkins will follow the development of each piece and work with the participants in exploring compositional and dramaturgical elements. The terms "distance" and "stimulation and transmission" will be discussed. How to realize an idea physically? How to create material and enrich a concept? How to establish a fruitful dialogue between the perspective of the choreographer and the performer(s)? How to create stimuli and challenges on both sides? And how does a creative process become a finished product?

American dancer, choreographer, and teacher Mark Tompkins has lived in France since 1973, where he founded his company I.D.A. in 1983. Parallel to his activities as artistic director, his interest in improvisation and real-time composition has led him to collaborate, through teaching, performing, and producing, with many dancers, musicians, lighting designers, and visual artists across Europe. His most recent work ANIMAL (2005), a group piece for five men that explores the themes of power and domination, will be presented at this year's festival.